Philosophy isn’t just for “the erudited”. After all it’s our life we are talking about.
And maybe it is enough to have an insatiable curiosity, great openness and attention towards the surroundings, together with good critical senses, in the everyday life?
And that we on the experiences start to think for ourselves, develop good explanations / models, and not least find good argumentations, that can support the likelihood of the models.
I have wondered about the peculiarities of the world for the last 50 years. Gathered different images, observations, experiences etc. in my poems 
/ distillations. Found out, that we really don’t know anything at all with certainty, which means, that there actually is “free reins” for everyone to set up models for different connections / coherents. The following evaluation / discussion will then focus on the arguments.
I call my own model for
the philosophy of experiments.

With best regards
Jens E. M. Mikkelsen